Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Newman Center Presentation Next Week

The St. Paul Parish/Newman Center at Wichita State University is very dear to me, as I've noted before. It was there that I made an adult commitment to practicing my Catholic faith as fully and truly as God's grace and my cooperation makes possible--where I met my husband Mark--where I discovered Blessed John Henry Newman--where I made some great friends--where I learned to love beauty, history, literature, the good, the true and the beautiful. All in a Catholic student center! (And we had dances, too!)

I'll be going back there next week (Wednesday, October 12) to make a presentation on "Church History and Apologetics", giving the students--WSU/the Newman Center has welcomed a big freshman class from the local Catholic high schools this year--some tools for understanding Church History and answering common objections. My presentation is part of a series on "Catholicism for College Students". I'm sure the Newman Center would welcome any "student" who wants to learn more about the Catholic Church!

Also, please pray to Blessed John Henry Newman that I present the Truth about the Catholic Church with charity and clarity. Thank you!

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