Monday, October 3, 2011

The 2012 Oxford Experience

I attended The Oxford Experience in 2009, choosing a class on Oxford and the Oxford Movement which I really enjoyed. Although I already knew much about Blessed John Henry Newman's role in the Oxford Movement, the rest of the background was fascinating. The tutor arranged two tours: a walking tour of various Oxford Movement sights in Oxford and a bus trip to Cheltenham, Littlemore, Dorchester and Jericho (in Oxford). Her overview of the Oxford Movement included the political and social context, with some excellent resources like the correspondence of the Anglican bishop trying to moderate the "Popish" enthusiasm of some of his ministers; evidence of the furore over "Froude's Remains" and the Oxford Martyrs Memorial; the art and architecture of Low and High Church Anglicanism, etc.

The 2012 Oxford Experience Programme of classes has been released and enrollment is open! More details here. The programme features:
~Week-long residential summer courses
~From 1 July - 11 August 2012
~At Christ Church, Oxford
~Accessible courses in the humanities
~Small study groups taught by friendly tutors
~Designed for an international audience of all ages

and costs

~Programme Fee: £1,135
~Single Ensuite Supplement optional: £180
~Twin Ensuite Supplement optional: £90
~Excursion Fee where applicable: £50-100
~Per person, per week, including room, board, and the class
~If you stay two weeks in a row, the room and board for Saturday are free!

The rooms are "undergraduate study rooms" in one of the quad buildings (see above for my elegant room in 2009); board is served, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Great Hall of Christ Church; there are other social programs, some with a fee; tea and cookies served during a break between the two daily class sessions; one dinner at the High Table per student, which includes a pre-prandial sherry; a lovely closing dinner with wines per course. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style with orders for eggs and other English breakfast favorites taken at the former, with soup and bread and fruit usually available at the latter. As the website indicates, the rooms are modestly furnished; bathrooms are shared; no air-conditioning, but free wi-fi. I took my netbook and connected to the BBC or EWTN radio for entertainment in the room.
One of the fun things was that with an Oxford Experience ID, participants can walk right in Tom's Gate--visitors (the hoi-polloi) have to come in the back way!

Here's a list of the classes taught in 2012. I really enjoyed my week there and would love to go back! My room in 2009 was in the Canterbury Quad and I was on the stairway of the entrance to the Christ Church Picture Gallery!

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  1. "Programme Fee: £1,135". Access to education for all is much touted by Oxford University. I don't think so! I'd love to attend, but the Oxford in its wisdom doesn't offer any help for people on low income/unemployed.