Saturday, October 15, 2011

More on St. John Fisher

Thanks to a facebook friend who liked my post yesterday on John Fisher becoming the Bishop of Rochester in 1504, I found out about these prayers:

Saint John’s sister, Elizabeth White, was a saintly Dominican nun. While imprisoned in the Tower, he wrote two devotional works for her. One, titled The Ways to Perfect Religion, concluded with seven sentences, each a short prayer intended to be used on successive days of the week. In our consideration of these prayers, we should bear in mind: first, Saint John’s deep reverence for the Holy Name of Jesus, to whom each prayer is addressed; and second, his great devotion to the Daily Office, the official prayer of the Church, which takes into account the liturgical character of each day of the week.

Sunday: O blessed Jesu, make me to love Thee entirely.

Monday: O blessed Jesu, I would fain, but without Thy help I cannot.

Tuesday: O blessed Jesu, let me deeply consider the greatness of Thy love towards me.

Wednesday: O blessed Jesu, give unto me grace heartily to thank Thee for Thy benefits.

Thursday: O blessed Jesu, give me good will to serve Thee and to suffer.

Friday: O sweet Jesu, give me a natural remembrance of Thy Passion.

Saturday: O sweet Jesu, possess my heart, hold and keep it only to Thee.

The website linked above adds meditations to each of those prayers.

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