Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something to Look Forward To: A New Book by Eamon Duffy

Continuum will publish Eamon Duffy's Saints, Sacrilege and Sedition: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations in July, 2012:

For the first time, Professor Eamon Duffy publishes a book on the broad sweep of the English Reformation. Once again he emphasises the importance of a study of Late Medieval religion and society for an understanding of the Reformation, he rescues Mary Tudor and Cardinal Pole from their detractors but shows once again his brilliance at understanding the effect of the Reformation on the population at large and the common man. Duffy writes at all times with grace, elegance and wit as he sees through the prejudices and myths of other Reformation scholars and demonstrates that the truth is never pure nor simple. This is revisionist history at its very best.

Table of Contents: I. Reformation Unravelled \ Introduction \ 1. Reformation, Counter-reformation and the English nation \ 2. Reformation Unravelled: Facts and Fictions \ II. The Material Culture of Early Tudor Catholicism \ 3. The Parish, Piety and Patronage: the Evidence of Roodscreens \ 4. Salle Church and the Reformation \ 5. The End of It All: Medieval Church Goods and the 1552 Confiscations \ III. Two Cardinals \ 6. John Fisher and the Spirit of his Age \ 7. The Religion of John Fisher \ 8. Rome and Catholicity in mid-Tudor England \ 9. Cardinal Pole and Archbishop Cranmer \ IV. Catholic Voices \ 10. The Conservative Voice in the English Reformation \ 11. Remembering Catholicism in Shakespeare's England

The cover illustration depicts St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher and Blessed Margaret Pole, a layman, bishop and laywoman being executed for the Catholic faith. Of course, they were not executed at the same time!


  1. Thanks for the information. I look forward to reading Prof. Duffy's (no relation) new work. This sounds like it will be very interesting.

  2. Thanks Stephanie for this new book. Just pre-ordered on Amazon!