Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For Ladies Only: Sisters of Sophia

For seven years, the Eighth Day Institute hosted meetings of the Hall of Men, a male-only enclave of fellowship and formation, with presentations on various heroes (and some heroines) of Christianity. The Eighth Day Institute brings Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant clergy and laity together for the renewal of culture. Just last September, EDI organized the Sisters of Sophia, a female-only enclave of fellowship and formation, held almost every month on the  third Tuesday. We gather for a meal and a presentation about a Christian heroine. So far we have heard about heroines like St. Cecilia, St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, Christina Rossetti, and St. Therese of Lisieux.

Next Tuesday, June 21, is the third Tuesday of the month, and I am presenting on my heroine: Margaret More Roper, St. Thomas More's "dearest Meg". The schedule is:

6:15 Doors Open
6:30 Food and Fellowship
7:30 Eighth Day Convocation and
Lecture on Margaret More Roper; daughter of Sir Thomas More by Stephanie Mann
8:15 Q&A and Closing Prayer

If you are in the Wichita area and if you are female, here's more information about the event, including an opportunity to RSVP. This is such an opportune date to discuss Margaret More Roper: the eve of her father's Sanctoral Memorial, the beginning of the annual Fortnight for Freedom, the Tuesday after Father's Day--many beautiful connections! 

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