Saturday, June 12, 2021

How to Follow this Blog

Pardon me while I just do some blogging-housekeeping! The Feedburner app that Google provided so blog readers could sign up for automated emails to receive new posts is going away. 

Now there's a new gadget on the right side of my blog for new readers to sign up for the same service; those of you are already signed up to receive emails will still receive them.

The new app is called

I did some checking and it looked like the easiest and safest and it's free. They guided through the process of setting it up and advised me to alert you to the change:

Feedburner stops email services – switch to now

Google announced that they will terminate Feedburner’s email subscription feature in July. This leaves many bloggers & website owners wondering: what service to switch to?

Why is the best Feedburner alternative

If you don’t know yet, please have a look at our intro.

Here are the key reasons why you should switch to
`Reliable email delivery: Emails land in inbox, not spam folders, due to’s excellent sender reputation
`Mature: (and its predecessor SpecificFeeds) has been around for over 5 years
`Free:’s “Basic”-plan includes many features, allows unlimited followers & emails, and is 100% free; optional premium plans are priced very fairly . . .

If you are already a subscriber to this blog, your email has been transferred to this new app. I've deleted the emails from the old app, which will be going away soon anyway. You might have received two emails yesterday, but that shouldn't happen again.

If you are not a subscriber to this blog, just look for gadget that says "Get new posts by email"!

Thank you very for your attention. UPDATE: After seeing a couple of the emails, I don't like them very much. If any readers are bloggers and have a better alternative, please let me know. Thank you again.

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