Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stile Antico's New Recording

Tune Thy Musick to Thine Heart: "For its latest recording on Harmonia Mundi, Stile Antico is joined by the outstanding viol consort Fretwork to explore the wealth of sacred music written not for church performance, but for the court and for the home. Sung entirely in English, this fascinating programme spans two centuries and a vast range of styles, from the austerity of Browne and Taverner to the harmonic daring of Tomkins and Ramsey, and from the smallest works by Campion and Dowland to the great verse anthems of Gibbons and Amner." The Stile Antico site for this disc contains a few audio samples and a video introducing the recording. I have listened to the album several times and their diction is excellent, although I do have to consult the texts in the CD booklet just because of the interweaving of the vocal line sometimes. Another great release by Stile Antico and Harmonia Mundi!

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