Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day One of the Catholic Writers Conference Live

This morning began with the Rosary and daily Mass hosted by the Catholic Marketing Network in the Radisson grand ballroom. Then I walked over to the Catholic Writers Conference in the Scanticon Valley Forge Hotel, through a labyrinthine maze of hallways.

The first session was an introduction to the Catholic Writers Guild and what it offers -- I met several authors before the session started and enjoyed hearing about their books (and telling them about mine)!

The second session I attended (there were three options) was a presentation by Lisa Wheeler of The Maximus Group, a PR and Communications agency. She gave several good tips on book promotion. I then attended a session on "How to Make the Most of Your Blog" which I left half way through to take a tour of the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in the Valley Forge Convention Center on the lower level of the hotel. I talked to one publisher about submitting a book proposal, one print media company about publishing a review of Supremacy and Survival, and one broadcast media company about a TV interview. I also stopped by my publisher's booth, Scepter and checked in with their marketing specialist.

After lunch in the Radisson, I walked back over to the Scanticon to attend the panel discussion on Catholic fiction which included my friend Elena-Maria Vidal and then stayed in the same room to hear her talk on Catholic historical fiction. She and I plan to get together for a reception tonight here in the Radisson.
When I arrived back in my room and connected to the internet, I found this very nice post by Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons blogger and Catechist on the Son Rise Morning Show! Then I found this nice post on Le Fleur de Lys too!

This is a huge complex and walking back and forth between the Scanticon and the Radisson will probably be my main form of exercise this week! I do need to step outside; I've been in the hotel complex all day.

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