Friday, September 30, 2011

The Nuns at Tyburn Convent

According to the Catholic Truth Society, the Convent at Tyburn near Marble Arch in London, is experiencing a great growth in vocations. CTS offers a DVD of documentary titled "Gloria Dei":

The Tyburn Nuns have national prominence in England because of the situation of their convent in London’s West End, close to the site of the 'Tyburn Tree' gallows upon which 105 Roman Catholics were martyred during the Protestant Reformation.

Since the establishment of their convent in 1903 the order has spread around the world and now has religious houses as far afield as Australia, Latin America and Italy. They are rather special because they are among the few women’s religious orders which are growing at a time when most are in decline.

Their DVD is a beautifully-made 90-minute documentary film that takes the viewer on a tour of the order’s nine convents. It begins at the order’s mother house near Marble Arch and moves on to newer houses on the Atlantic shores of Cork Harbour, the Irish Republic, and in Largs, Scotland. It also offers a window into the life of the Benedictine nuns in monasteries situated in such locations as Pacific fishing villages in Latin America, aloft Andean peaks, amid the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and the rural beauty of New Zealand as well as the frenetic bustle of cosmopolitan Rome.

It shows nuns entering the convents as novices as well as making their final professions and how the monasteries both benefit and are supported by the communities in which they are found.

Most importantly, the DVD gives the viewer a vivid and authentic insight into the spirituality of the mothers, based on work, prayer and devotion to the Eucharist. The love and joy that they show in their work for Christ will prove an inspiration to the viewer.

More on the DVD here and here, from the CTS blog--and here is the Tyburn Convent website. Finally, here's a review from Simon Caldwell in The Catholic Herald:

Yesterday, the Tyburn Nuns released the DVD Tyburn Convent Gloria Deo, a 90-minute film by Michael Luke Davies, a former West End fashion and beauty photographer, which offers a unique and fascinating window into life in their order’s nine monasteries.

Read the rest here.

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