Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blow-by-Blow on "The Good Fight"

EWTN has posted the audio from my interview on "The Good Fight" with Barbara McGuigan.

She began the show with the story of Blessed William Hartley as an example of the dangers Catholic priests endured in England, since the three saints and martyrs we were discussing all died because they had protected priests when English law determined to do so was a felony, punishable by death.

I then told the story of each of the martyrs (St. Margaret Clitherow, St. Margaret Ward, and St. Anne Line) and we discussed them in turn.

We had a few technical difficulties and lost a couple of calls. I enjoyed the calls we did receive, with two from former Anglicans commenting on their conversions to the Catholic Church.

Barbara was then kind enough to mention my book on her Tuesday, August 30 Open Line program!

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