Monday, May 2, 2011

May 4 on the Son Rise Morning Show

The next in my series of brief interviews on the Son Rise Morning Show is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 4 at 7:45 a.m. Eastern/6:45 a.m. Central. Host Brian Patrick and I will discuss the Feast of the English Martyrs of England and Wales, which commemmorates all the Catholic martyrs of the English Reformation era, including those executed under Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, and Charles II--I think of them as the Supremacy martyrs, the Recusant martyrs and the Plot martyrs.

The Supremacy martyrs died because they would not swear Henry VIII's Oath of Supremacy and Oath of Succession, which both denied the spiritual, moral, and ecclesiastical authority of the Pope. The Recusant martyrs died during the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I because they continued to practice their Catholic faith in England as missionary priests and/or laity in spite of the recusancy and penal laws against them. Finally, the Plot martyrs were executed in the miscarriage of justice called the Popish Plot. Accused of conspiring in a non-existent plot, their Catholicism condemned them.

Brian Patrick and I will focus on the religious executed on May 4, 1535: the Carthusian priors, including St. John Houghton and the Bridgettine confessor, St. Richard Reynolds of Syon Abbey.
You can find a link to listen during the broadcast here and the archived podcast of my interview on Holy Thursday and the Triduum in the Sarum Rite before the English Reformation here.

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