Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anglican Papalism

I heard Father Dwight Longenecker use the term "Anglican Papalists" on the Son Rise Morning Show last week. Michael Yelton is the author of this book, Anglican Papalism, An Illustrated History, 1900-1960. Anglican Papalists were those ultra High-Church, ritualist Anglicans who wanted to accept the infalliability of the Catholic Pope and yet remain in the Church of England: they were a very small group. While they wanted the authority of the Pope they regularly flaunted the authority of their own Bishops, disobeying orders against Benediction, processions, and celebrating Mass in Latin.

The Church Times reviewed it favorably in 2006, and when I read it last year, I noted that the author was "very close to the subject and the men and women who led this small movement within the Anglican church. Sometimes the tone is almost gossipy, as personality quirks and even scandals take over the narrative" (I'm quoting my book journal entry). The photos document the vestments and altars of Anglican Papalist's churches.


1. In Terra Aliena: An Introduction to the Papalist Tradition
2. The Historical Development of the Papalist Tradition: Part I, 1900-1930
3. The Historical Development of the Papalist Tradition: Part II, 1930-1960
4. The Revision of the Prayer Book and the Unpopularity of Anglican Papalism
5. The Development of Religious Communities
6. The Outer Fringes of the Church of England: Father Victor Roberts and Dom Gregory Dix
7. Shrines of Our Lady: Walsingham, Egmanton and Middleton
8. Anglican Papalism in London: St. Saviour, Hoxton, St. Alban, Fulham, and the Annunciation, Marble Arch
9. Anglican Papalism in Cornwall: Father Sandys Wason and Father Bernald Walke
10. Episcopi Vagantes and the Reordination of Anglican Clergy
11. The Architecture and Furnishings of Anglican Papalism
12. Anglican Papalism: A Retrospect

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