Monday, August 15, 2011

Q3 Reading List

My, but I have a stack of books to read! Working on my second book has led to searching for several books about the Catholic martyrs of the English Reformation, and then there are some other items of interest--here are just three.

The English Church & the Papacy in the Middle Ages, Edited by C.H. Lawrence is proving to be very interesting. Six chapters by different authors. Veronica Ortenberg's on "The Anglo-Saxon Church and the Papacy" details the great devotion of the Anglo-Saxons to St. Peter and to his successors as Vicar of Christ. The Anglo-Saxon hierarchy forged strong relationships with the popes in Rome through pilgrimages, letters, and liturgical adaptation.

Then, just because I read this post I ordered a used copy of Sigrid Undset's Stages in the Road so I could read her chapters on "Robert Southwell, SJ: Priest, Poet, Martyr" and "Margaret Clitherow". Having read The Master of Hestviken and Kristen Lavransdatter, I want to know what this great artist wrote about such great saints, since she knows so much about sinners.

And then I have this book by Patti Armstrong, published by Scepter (as is Supremacy and Survival!)--Catholic Truths for Our Children: Guidelines for Parents.

I'll publish some updates soon on these and other books.

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