Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kresta in the Afternoon Interview

If you missed my interview on Kresta in the Afternoon last week from the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show/Catholic Writers Guild Conference, here is a link.

From the Kresta in the Afternoon blog:

"Second Topic - Supremacy and Survival
Stephanie Mann is the author of Supremacy and Survival - How Catholics Endured the English Reformation and has been a guest on the show in anticipation of the Pope's visit to the UK last year. Now she joins us in person here at the Catholic Marketing Network. She tells the story of the Catholic Church's survival and restoration in one land. It serves both as a lesson and a warning of the risks to faith and freedom when absolute power is given free reign. "

At the beginning of the interview, Al Kresta said Supremacy and Survival is "an outstanding book"; he enjoyed it and appreciated my approach and tone, highlighting my "strong academic sense for accuracy but you don't get bogged down in arcane academic debates" and commenting on my "strong sense of Catholic mission but without being triumphalistic or kicking people in the face".

Good recommendation, I think!

I hope to be on his show later in the year when The Catholic Answer Magazine publishes my article on the Dissolution of the Monasteries during Henry VIII's reign.

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