Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Five Star Review on Amazon.com!

I tell you, if you are a Catholic writer, join the Catholic Writers Guild, attend a Catholic Writers Guild Conference, make friends, get involved, ask for help, help another writer: it will bear fruit. Gerard Webster is just one of the great people I met in Valley Forge earlier this month. Check out his books at amazon.com!

*****Title: Entertaining & Informative, August 21, 2011
By Gerard Webster, award-winning author (Jacksonville, FL USA)

Ever wonder how English-speaking Christianity ever ended up splitting into thousands upon thousands of denominations--with as many differing theologies and mores? Or why the differing "Christian" churches persecuted each other? Or where the roots of animus between the different faiths sprung from? "Supremacy and Survival" explains a good deal of it.

Stephanie Mann tackles an ambitious project that spans five centuries, three continents, and numerous turn-overs in governments and religions. She does it in such a way that is both entertaining and informative...and supported by a generous dose of footnotes. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the history and religions of the English speaking world.

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