Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My "Expert Talk" at The Tudor Society

You have to be a subscriber, but I still wanted to let you know that I worked with Tim Ridgway of the Tudor Society to create a talk on St. Thomas More, based upon presentations I've made recently. With software available on my laptop, I recorded my comments and narrative. I sent him a deck of slides to sync up with my commentary, promising in my recording not to read the slides to people who can read--of course, if they don't want to watch, they might miss out on that part of the information that I don't read! But what a remarkable process: I didn't need a separate piece of equipment (a tape recorder or reel-to-reel machine) or any other extraordinary arrangements. I just sat at my laptop and made my presentation. Tim put it together and voila, I can provide insights to people all over the world!

Later in the month I'll participate in an on-line chat with members of the Tudor Society.

My thesis is that for all his fame and notoriety, Thomas More is relatively unknown. He is immediately recognized but not that well understood. He is controversial and yet we can rely too much on popular presentations of his life and times and even on biographies or books about him. Like many other historical figures, if we really want to understand him, we need to read what he wrote, not just what others wrote about him or about what he wrote, so I encourage those viewing the "expert talk" to investigate More's works, including those that Scepter Publishers has been printing that update the text of even More's English compositions, so they are more accessible.

The video is introduced with this comment:

This month's amazing Expert Talk is by Stephanie Mann, author of "Supremacy and Survival". Her topic, one which is clearly close to her heart, is Thomas More, a fascinating man who it turns out we really don't know as much about as we should.

Prepare to learn about St. Thomas More ...

Also, please note that I've updated my presentations tab here.

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