Sunday, April 10, 2016

Another Subscriber-Only Project

On Monday, the Feast of the Annunciation, I participated in my first Skype interview with Simon Rafe of Church Militant on the subject of the English Reformation (Deformation). I was in good company, as Nancy Bilyeau and Father John Vidmar, OP are also interviewed on the show. It's live now on the Church Militant website.

Nancy Bilyeau talks about the Dissolution of the Monasteries; Father Vidmar about the choices facing Catholics in England; I discuss the Whig tradition of English history and highlight the revisionist authors like Duffy, Haigh, Scarisbrick, etc--and of course, how I summarize and survey their input into the history of the English Reformation in my book.

When Simon and I talked, I did not see his face live in the studio. The producer I talked to before the show and with whom I tested our Skype connection instructed me on how to tilt my laptop screen and where to look so I would be framed up on the "tv" screen. Learning something new all the time!

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