Friday, April 1, 2016

Changes Afoot: The First of April

I need to inform you of a major change. I am not going to continue this blog as a vehicle for English Reformation research.

Instead, I intend to explore various crafts: macrame, decoupage, and tie-dying.

I hope you will remain followers in spite of this change in topic. And you'll have to be patient because I first need to learn how to macrame, decoupage, and tie-dye. There might be a steep learning curve.

April Fool!

The Washington Post posted this story yesterday about the origins of April Fool's Day.

And a reminder of one man who definitely was not an April's Fool, Blessed John Bretton, a resolute recusant Catholic in Elizabethan England. He was executed on April 1, 1598 after years of recusancy. "For words spoken out of Catholic Zeal" "because he was reconciled to the Roman Catholic Church," and he "urged others to embrace the same religion" while he "denied the spiritual primacy of the Queen." His wife, Frances, survived him and continued their recusancy.

Illustration credit: Wikipedia Commons, used with permission.


  1. If you need lessons in macramé, come over to Paris.

    If above is a reference to a certain fishy date, well, how about joining me when I celebrate atheism!

  2. Oh, it WAS a reference to a certain fishy date.