Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, G.K. Chesterton!

The first fact about the celebration of a birthday is that it is a way of affirming defiantly, and even flamboyantly, that it is a good thing to be alive….But there is a second fact about Birthdays, and the birth-song of all creation, a fact which really follows on this; but which, as it seems to me, the other school of thought almost refuses to recognize. The point of that fact is simply that it is a fact. In being glad about my Birthday, I am being glad about something which I did not myself bring about.

--from G.K.’s Weekly, 21st March, 1935


  1. Good for him, but two known people have birthdays coinciding with Pagan Holiday of Saturnalia (beginning and end, respectively), I am not sure they will be all that glad about it.

  2. Btw, was GKC born the same day as Cardinal Beaton was martyred?

    With a Scottihs "Keith" in his name, that is quite an honour.