Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sister Mary Christopher Luddens, RIP

Sister Mary Christopher Luddens died on May 15, 2011. Catholic New York carried this obituary. The Sisters of Charity, New York posted this notice of her death. A friend of hers wrote me a nice note telling me of Sister's death.

Sister Mary Christopher read my book and liked it--she watched my interviews on EWTN and was thrilled to see John Henry Newman beatified in September 2010 by Pope Benedict. She was very kind to me, sending notes and enclosing mementos--she promoted me to Doctor Stephanie Mann.

She suffered a heart attack last year but recovered to celebrate her 90th birthday on May 9, 2011.

When she translated Archbishop of Tours Jean Honore's book about Newman spirituality, she relied on her high school French and the aid of John Henry Newman. The friend who wrote me of Sister Mary Christopher's death was also one who aided her in the translation and preparation of the text.

Prayer for a Happy Death, by Blessed John Henry Newman:
O my Lord and Saviour, support me in my last hour by the strong arms of Thy sacraments, and the fragrance of Thy consolations. Let Thy absolving words be said over me, and the holy oil sign and seal me; and let Thine own body be my food, and Thy blood my sprinkling; and let Thy Mother Mary come to me, and my angel whisper peace to me, and Thy glorious saints and my own dear patrons smile on me, that in and through them all I may die as I desire to live, in Thy Church, in Thy faith, and in Thy love. Amen.
My Jesus, mercy.

May He support us all the day long,
till the shadows lengthen,
and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed,
and the fever of life is over,
and our work is done.
Then in His mercy,
may He give us a safe lodging,
and a holy rest, and peace at last.

May she rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.

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