Thursday, June 9, 2011

Report on the Oriel Newman Lecture in Oxford

From John Whitehead's blog Once I Was a Clever Boy comes this report on a lecture about the reception of Newman in Germany from the 19th to 20th centuries:

The lecture was a masterly exposition of its subject, and indicated how from the time of his reception into the Church Newman was and has continued to be of interest to, and influenrtial of, German Catholic opinion.

Prof. Arnold identified four phases or groups who appropriated parts at least of Newman's thought and how it transmuted according to the circumstances of the time. These correspond to the circumstances facing Catholics, and other Christians, in Germany rather than the English context of Newman's life and legacy.

1840-1870: The Ultramontane Model Convert.

1870-1918: The Model for a Culturally Acceptable 'Reform Catholicism'

1918-1945: Newman for and against the "Zeitgeist"

1945-1962: The Model for a Re-Christianisation of Germany in an Ecumenical and European spirit.

Thanks to John for such a great summary!

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