Thursday, June 16, 2011

Views of Bishop Stephen Gardiner

From Once I Was a Clever Boy, referring to In Defence of the Church Catholic: The Life of Stephen Gardiner by Dr. Glyn Redworth:

Gardiner emerges first of all as the humanist scholar he undoubtedly was, but not as the steriotypical reactionary of usual versions, but rather the very reluctant man who felt compelled through the 1530s and 1540s under King Henry VIII to go along with changes he did not really agree with. by 1548 he realised he could go no further and making his position clear ended up in the Tower of London and was deprived of his bishopric. Restored by Queen Mary I he accepted reunion with the Holy See as the only guarentee of the Catholic faith, and said so in his great sermon preached at Paul's Cross in the days after the reconciliation on St Andrew's day in 1554.


  1. Many thanks for the link. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  2. Really enjoying this blog, now with Anglo-Catholics represented. Recusant Catholics and Catholic Anglicans coming together as one even if some might not have journeyed all the way to Rome.
    " Have you seen the news today................." (a little Beatles there!)
    The Ordinariate is coming this autumn!

  3. Thank you, John and Matthew for the comments. Matthew, yes, I did read the US Ordinariate news--it is indeed exciting.