Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Saint Gilbert Keith Chesterton?

You might recall that I highlighted William Oddie's suggestion that G.K. Chesterton be the next Englishman proposed for beatification and canonization in the Catholic Church. At last weekend's annual American Chesterton Conference in Worcester, MA, Dale Ahlquist announced that he had permission from Peter John Haworth Doyle of Northampton in the UK to announce that he wants to open a cause for Chesterton's canonization. So it's not an announcement that the cause is open, but that the bishop wants to find a priest of his diocese to lead the cause.

Nevertheless, the American Chesterton Society has posted this prayer card--FOR PRIVATE DEVOTION ONLY.

UPDATE: Something interesting about this prayer card, according to a friend of mine who listened to a recent ACS "virtual meeting" online: the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires had approved the prayer. That Cardinal Archbishop is, of course, Pope Francis!

First Things magazine has posted this information on their blog, and the American Chesterton Society has also issued a news release--but nothing is posted on the website of the Northampton diocese.

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