Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Grounds of Cimitiere Picpus

Entering another gate to the left of the chapel, I saw a narrow long expanse of lawns and trees ahead of me, with the cemetery grounds at the end to the right. A nicely dressed lady came toward me and left the grounds. For awhile I was alone. When I entered the cemetery proper, I saw another narrow space, crowded with grave markers.

The grave of the Marquis de Lafayette and his wife (whose mother and sister were guillotined and buried in one of the mass graves behind the wall to the left):

The Polignac family monument and chapel:
I also saw the grave marker of Francoise Pauline de Lamoignan de Malasherbes, the daughter of Guillaume-Chretien de Lamoignan de Malasherbes who defended King Louis XVI.
For more detail on the monuments in Picpus, see this site from Northwestern University.
I'll conclude this story in my Monday, November 29 post.

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