Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Follow up to The Good Fight

EWTN has posted the audio from my appearance on "The Good Fight" November 6, with Richard "Doc" Geraghty and I discusssing lay response to the English Reformation with Barbara McGuigan. We focused on the martyrs Blessed Margaret Pole and Saint Margaret Clitherow, although our conversation was wide-ranging.

You may listen or download here.


  1. What a wonderful window. Do you kow where it is located? I don't understand all the iconics, but I suppose the rats refer to her living conditions in the Tower. (or is one of the rats actually a ferret?)

  2. It is from the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge England. I think those are rats, symbolizing the deplorable conditions of her two years in the Tower of London. One of the carvings in the wall behind her was made by Thomas Abel before his execution, which I mentioned earlier this year: