Thursday, July 7, 2016

Late Night Listening: "God of Liberty"

For Independence Day, John Batchelor repeated his interview with Thomas S. Kidd of Baylor University about his 2012 book: God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution. In the interview, the focus is on the Evangelicals, the Enlightenment Deists, and issues of religious liberty--I don't think either man ever mention Catholics in the colonial era or the American Revolution, except in the context of the French and Indian Wars. You may hear the podcast here.

As Basic Books describes God and Liberty:

At the dawn of the Revolutionary War, America was already a nation of diverse faiths—the First Great Awakening and Enlightenment concepts such as deism and atheism had endowed the colonists with varying and often opposed religious beliefs. Despite their differences, however, Americans found common ground against British tyranny and formed an alliance that would power the American Revolution. In God of Liberty, historian Thomas S. Kidd offers the first comprehensive account of religion’s role during this transformative period. A compelling testament to evangelical Christians’ crucial contribution to American independence, God of Liberty is also a timely appeal for the same spiritual vitality that gave form to our nation and sustained it through its tumultuous birth.

Adding to my wish list!

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