Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beware the Ides of April: Taxes and the Catholic Culture Conference

Midnight tonight is the deadline for your taxes to be postmarked. Registration for the Catholic Culture Conference at the Spiritual Life Center here in Wichita has the same deadline: midnight tonight:

Join Dale Ahlquist and many Diocesan speakers for this great conference about being Catholic in the world.

The Catholic Culture Conference is an opportunity for faithful Christians to come together for formation and fellowship. The program intends to promote Catholic values in personal and family life, as well as in society at large.

The Conference will consist of multiple sessions, each geared towards some particular component of Catholic life in our modern age. A combination of large group lectures and smaller breakout sessions will give each participant the opportunity to learn more about how Catholicism relates to–and is intended to positively change-our culture.

Our Catholic Faith is not just a notional idea. It is a concrete reality with the power to open the hearts and minds of all peoples. It can make the societies in which we live flourish in the way God intended. This Conference will give participants knowledge and inspiration to go about doing just that.

Our Keynote speaker is one of the most respected G.K. Chesterton scholars in the world, Mr. Dale Ahlquist. He will give a keynote lecture entitled "The Glorious Side of Social Decline" and a second lecture on "The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching."

The Conference will also feature the following Diocesan speakers: Jackie Arnold, Bo Bonner, Dusty Gates, James Lewis III and Laurie Robinson.

And while you're hobnobbing with other cultured Catholics, you could find out more about my St. Thomas More presentation on Saturday, May 2. Also, our local chapter of the American Chesterton Society will have a table with info about our group and what we've read so far.

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