Tuesday, March 10, 2015

St. John Ogilvie on the Son Rise Morning Show

Matt Swaim and I will discuss the execution of St. John Ogilvie, SJ on the Son Rise Morning Show this morning at 6:35 a.m. Central/7:35 a.m. Eastern--right after the bottom of the hour news broadcast by Annie Mitchell. Listen online at ewtn.com/radio/

St. John Ogilvie, SJ was executed 400 years ago today in Scotland because he was a Catholic priest and would not accept James VI/I as the supreme governor of the church in Scotland. He demonstrated tremendous fortitude during his imprisonment and a wonderfully peaceful attitude when condemned to death. And the tortures inflicted upon him would have made Richard Topcliffe of Elizabeth I's time in England embarrassed at his own lack of creativity.

More about St. John Ogilvie here--I hope to post a follow up report on the special celebrations in Glasgow of his martyrdom. A prayer in honor of St. John Ogilvie:

God our Father, fountain of all blessing, We thank you for the countless graces that come to us in answer to the prayers of your saints. With great confidence we ask you in the name of your Son and through the prayers of St John Ogilvie to help us in all our needs.

Lord Jesus, you chose your servant St John Ogilvie to be your faithful witness to the spiritual authority of the chief shepherd of your flock. Keep your people always one in mind and heart, In communion with Francis our Pope, and all the bishops of your Church.

Holy Spirit, you gave St John Ogilvie light to know your truth, wisdom to defend it, and courage to die for it. Through his prayers and example bring our country into the unity and peace of Christ’s kingdom. Amen.

Next Monday, we'll continue our Church History Apologetics series by discussing the "Inquisition", Spanish or otherwise.

Next month in our apologetics series on the third Monday of April--St. Thomas More and Wolf Hall!

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