Thursday, July 3, 2014

St. Robert Southwell in StAR

I have not received my comp copy yet, but the July/August 2014 issue of the St. Austin Review (StAR), with my poem about William Byrd and St. Robert Southwell is out!  You may find the Table of Contents here and the sample article, by Gary M. Bouchard of Saint Anselm College, here, "A Powerful Silence: The Enduring Legacy of Robert Southwell".

Bouchard writes about why Southwell has not received his due in the history of English literature, with only "The Burning Babe" being included in anthologies. He cites the work of Allison Shell, Scott Pilarz, SJ, Anne R. Sweeney, and John Klause to demonstrate that Southwell is beginning to receive his due, both for the quality of his work and for the influence he had on numerous poets. Bouchard opines that "Southwell's life and writings instructed Alabaster, provoked Spenser, prompted Herbert, haunted Donne, inspired Crashaw and consoled Hopkins" (p. 16). That's William Alabaster, Edmund Spenser, George Herbert, John Donne, Richard Crashaw, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. StAR devoted the September/October 2013 issue to Richard Crashaw, who was a Catholic convert and poet in exile during the reign of Charles I.

UPDATE: My copy came in today's mail! Looking forward to seeing my poem in print and reading the rest of the articles about this great poet and martyr.

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