Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joanna Bogle on EWTN Live

Last Wednesday night, Father Mitch Pacwa interviewed Joanna Bogle, who was there to talk about a tv series she is recording. I was more interested in what she said about the Pope's recent visit to the UK and about the establishment of the Ordinariate.

One of the points she made about the traditions the former Anglicans may bring with them was that the new Catholic establishment has been so urban, so that many Catholic parishes may not have the kind of harvest festivals and traditions that the Anglican churches do.

She also suggested that Choral Evensong would be another transplant from the Church of England to the Ordinariate. Of course, the BBC broadcasts Choral Evensong every week.

After yesterday's announcement and the ordination of the three former Anglican bishops, we will have to watch for how this all works.

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