Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mapping the Martyrs

A gentleman from Yorkshire, Graeme Garvey, who has written for the St. Austin Review and published a website on World War I veterans, among his other projects, sent me this link to a map showing the locations of the births and deaths of the English and Welsh martyrs, Venerable, Blessed, and Canonized.

He has noted the martyrs from Yorkshire, Lancashire, and other locations--those not canonized from the Pilgrimage of Grace--and those martyred in London at various sites. At the bottom of the map he provides a list of the martyrs' known birthplace by county.

Not only that, but he has linked on-line sources for each martyr, including some from this blog.

This is a tremendous resource, worthy of wide distribution. My only minor criticism is that St. Oliver Plunkett, tried, convicted, and martyred in London, should have been on the map, even though he was canonized separately.

It's always great to see devotion to these great heroes of the faith--Mary's Dowry productions, the Catholic Truth Society publications, and now this great map!

Holy Catholic Martyrs of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, pray for us!

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