Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fanfares for the Tudors by Georges Delerue

A facebook "friend" posted this video of the beginning of A Man for All Seasons, highlighting the soundtrack by Georges Delerue, who also wrote the soundtrack for another Tudor era flick, Anne of the Thousand Days. Delerue obviously wanted to use English Renaissance-style music without just adapting a composer of the era. Much of the effect is in the orchestration. TCM.com has the film clip with the opening credits, on their website, but you have to watch a commercial first! The LP from 1966 includes both music and dialogue.

Delerue composed a fanfare for the opening sequence of Anne of The Thousand Days. On a more medieval note, he composed the score for John Huston's A Walk with Love and Death.

Turns out that he composed music for some other films I'm familiar with: The Black Stallion and The Black Robe. He composed the scores for over 350 films and was called "the Mozart of cinema" by Le Figaro!

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