Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pope Saint Pius V

The Catholic Herald remembers Pope Saint Pius V as a holy pope who lived like a monk in Renaissance Rome, living on broth and crayfish!

Pius V, pope from 1566 to 1572, was the kind of Counter Reformation pontiff dear to the hearts of Roman triumphalists. That he still freezes the blood of Protestants he would have regarded as a badge of honour.

Zealots, however, do not always apprehend the consequences of their actions. By excommunicating Queen Elizabeth in 1570, Pius V put paid to any chance that Catholicism might be tolerated in England. Even Philip II of Spain considered that the pope was mistaken in this matter.

Yet Pius V was certainly a holy man. . . .


  1. Yes, there is always this misbegotten idea, East and West, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox, that if someone is said to be "HOLY" then they must be "PERFECT". Always a mistake as no human being if perfect.
    Did Pius V make a blunder, yes I believe he did. Had he not told Catholics in England that they owed the Sovereign Queen no allegiance how different things might have gone. Yes, I am sure he was HOLY but far from perfect.
    I'm sure he received a strong tongue lashing from Saint Peter as he approached the gates of Heaven!

  2. Thank you Matthew! As you might have reflected, we have been this error at work lately in the protests against the beatification of Pope John Paul II!