Saturday, December 4, 2010

Philippe Egalite's Revolutionary Home Base

For the first time on this visit to Paris, I went to the gardens and arcades of the Palais Royale and walked through the Court d'Honneur. Eighth time is the charm!

After visiting Notre Dames des Victoires, I stopped in a tabac across from the church and then walked by Place des Victoires where the statue of Louis Quatorze was covered with scaffolding. I proceeded along Rue Vivienne after a detour through Galerie Vivienne, passing "Le Grand Colbert" displaying a poster of the Diane Keaton/Jack Nicholson movie Something's Got to Give! Entering the Palais Royale I window shopped in the arcades and took a few pictures in the gardens. The Court d'Honneur also had scaffolding in some sections, but I did see the artistic deployment of black and white striped columns!

I exited from the Palais and saw this elegant cafe under the columns--from the Chatelet metro off Rue Rivoli I proceeded to Nation for my visit to Picpus. Tuesday, November 16 was one of the brightest days we had in Paris this year. Wednesday and Thursday that week were very chilly and grey--more on them in other posts.

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