Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Death of Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester

Richard Fox or Foxe, the Bishop of Winchester, died on October 5, 1528--clearing the way for Thomas Wolsey to take his place at one of the richest bishoprics (for a year!). Richard Fox was one of those churchmen, like Wolsey, who neglected his episcopal duties to engage in political and diplomatic service.

He rose to prominence during the reign of Henry VII, negotiating marriages and treaties. The young King Henry VIII also relied on the Bishop to take care of many details at the beginning of his reign. When Fox finally left Court, encouraged by Wolsey in 1523, he finally turned his attention to his duties as bishop in Winchester.

His greatest legacy was the 1517 foundation Corpus Christi College, with one of the most beautiful main quads at the University of Oxford. Catherine of Aragon visited there and the great Erasmus admired the college library.

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