Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preview of the July/August Issue of StAR

Joseph Pearce previews the next issue of the St. Austin Review, and you might guess at my interest in the issue by the title (and the list of New poetry at the bottom!):

The next issue of the St. Austin Review will soon be winging its way to the printers. The theme is St. Robert Southwell: Priest, Poet, Martyr.

Highlights include:
   F. W. Brownlow reflects on “A Plaintive Muse: Robert Southwell’s Attack on Elizabethan Terror”.
   Joseph Pearce examines “The Bard and the Jesuit: Robert Southwell’s Influence on William Shakespeare”.
   Joseph Pearce reveals “Shakespeare’s Homage to Robert Southwell” in King Lear.
   Gary M. Bouchard sees “The Enduring Legacy of Robert Southwell” in his influence on a host of other poets from John Donne to Gerard Manley Hopkins.
   Melissa Siik discusses “Robert Southwell and the Formation of English National Identity”.
   Fr. Benedict Kiely rejoices in “The Joyful Witness of the English Martyrs”.
   The full colour art feature focuses on the work of Gwyneth Holston and her perceptions of “The Role of Art and the Vocation of the Artist”.
   Kevin O’Brien sees the use of torture today and in Elizabethan England as “The Destruction of God in Man”.
   Fr. Dwight Longenecker sees the parallels between “Science Fiction and the Metaphysicals”.
   James Bemis’s regular film review focuses on Monsieur Vincent.
   Donald DeMarco vents his justifiable spleen against the blatant bias of the New York Times.
   Regis Martin, Greg Peters, Paula Gallagher, Stephen Mirarchi, Thaddeus Kozinski, Rachel Ronnow, Ken Colston, Mitchell Kalpakgian and Marie Dudzik review eleven new books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
New poetry by Pavel Chichikov, Donald DeMarco, Stephanie A. Mann and Lisa Salinas.

That's really extraordinarily humbling and delightful--to have a poem I wrote published in a magazine issue dedicated to such a great martyr-poet! (St. Robert Southwell is in the poem.) I look forward to seeing it in print next month.

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