Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Supremacy and Survival On "Goodreads"

I just noticed a couple of reviews by Goodreads readers of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation! I really appreciate the one by Holly because I think she highlighted one aspect I tried to maintain even in a book admittedly written with sympathy for the Catholic cause and experience: fairness and objectivity.

Essentially covers the English Reformation. Most amazing element of this book is how much time and how many events were covered in such a short book! Not a rush, but extremely readable and she addresses the problem of keeping people and events straight by offering two different types of references in the front of the book, as well as suggested further reading. A great introduction to a complex but essential time in history. Mann definitely sypathizes (sic) with the Catholics here but never once does she delve into making Protestants mosters (sic) but treats every one with objective respect while also clearing up some people history has tended to treat unfairly and she explains why. One thing I was surprised to read was her account of the Puritans and Cromwell's stint as Protector. Ms. Mann goes a step further and sweeps briefly through Catholicism up to now in England. I was surprised to learn how unfairly English subjects were treated by choosing to be Catholic up till the Catholic relief act which only happened mid-19th century! In short a great read!

Another reader, Kevin de Ataide, posted this succinct opinion (both he and Holly gave my book 4 stars!):

Short and easy-to-read religious history of the last five centuries in England, stretching over the Tudor, Stuart and Hanoverian dynasties and dealing with the changing fate of Christians, and particularly Catholics, in England. Well recommended for a quick overview of the English Reformation (which was quite different from its counterpart on the Continent) and its lasting effects.

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