Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict and the English Reformation

Matt Swaim at the Son Rise Morning Show asked me to address Pope Benedict XVI's efforts to heal the wounds of the English Reformation when we talk this morning (previously scheduled to talk about Shrovetide). There are three basic trends:

1). The creation of the Personal Ordinariates through Anglicanorum Coetibus:

Our Lady of Walsingham in England, Scotland, and Wales

The Chair of St. Peter in the USA and Canada

Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Australia

2) The 2010 Official and Pastoral visit to Scotland and England:

The dominant narrative before he landed in Scotland was that this visit was going to be a failure: instead it was a great triumph and Pope Benedict XVI addressed great issues about the relationship between Church and State.

3) The Beatification of John Henry Newman:

Benedict departed from his usual policy of delegating beatifications to the local ordinary and celebrated the Mass and beatification of this great 19th century convert. He noted that Blessed John Henry Newman is a great model of the priesthood and a great example of conversion.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI!


  1. Look guys, let's respect The Pope's decision. Whatever reason he has, it might be related to his health. Please, respect him and pray.

    1. I don't think I said or wrote anything that indicated anything but respect--not sure why you made this comment on my site. I certainly agree that we should avoid speculation and think only good of the Holy Father. Thank you.