Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Follow the StAR in January!

On my birthday, I'm pleased to announce that I'll have two pieces published in the January/February 2018 issues of the Saint Austin Review!

There's an article on the movie Green Dolphin Street, offering a Chestertonian interpretation of the vocations of marriage and religious life: “The Pattern of the Cross”. Lana Turner and Donna Reed are two sisters who learn about God's plans for their happiness. I wrote it a few years ago, so I'm eager to see it in print!

This is one of those cases--as a hint for writers or anyone who submits material for publication--of being able to make real, live contact with the publishers or editors who've judged and accepted your material. Joseph Pearce visited Wichita twice this fall: once in October and once in November. I was able to discuss articles that Mr. Pearce had previously accepted and where they'd fit into the themes of his publication.

Voila! There it is--or there it will be! (looking forward to my comp copy).

The second piece is a book review of Philip Campbell's Heroes & Heretics of the Reformation, which I just submitted in November.

More about the issue here and how to subscribe (including on-line access) here!


  1. First - A joyous birthday to you.
    HBO is running ‘Gunpowder’ this week. Watch it if you have a strong stomach.
    As if a vivisected Jesuit wasn’t gross enough, British sausages were used as props for the entrails. If you’ve ever eaten British sausage, you know what I mean.
    But finally - a British production telling the Catholic side of the story. Yes there are lots of inaccuracies here and there ( a Protestant clergyman wearing a crucifix ???) but all in all the series is good.
    Whoever thought we would ever see Anne Vaux portrayed on screen, let alone by a major actress. To me she was one of the great heroines of History.
    Has Joseph Pearce reviewed the series yet?

  2. Thank you. I don't have access to HBO! I haven't seen anything from Pearce on the series--perhaps watch the Imaginative Conservative or the StAR blog!