Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Preview of StAR's September/October Issue

The William Byrd Festival is in progress in Portland, Oregon with its concluding events coming up this weekend. The reason I lead off with this notice is that I have an article about Byrd and other recusant composers coming out in the September/October issue of the St. Austin Review (plus a book review).

According to Joseph Pearce, who ought to know:

The theme of the next issue of the St. Austin Review is “Recusants and Martyrs: English Resistance to the Tudor Terror”.

-Shaun Blanchard views St. Thomas More as the Ideal Christian
-Joseph Pearce connects Shakespeare and St. Thomas More
-Mark Amorose waxes poetical about Recusants
-Anne Barbeau Gardiner discovers Secret Hiding Places: Recusant Houses and Priest-Holes Made by a Saint
  • Stephanie A. Mann reads between the lines in her survey of Tudor Church Music and Revisionist History
-T. Renee Kozinski looks iconically at St. Edmund Campion and the Tyburn Tree
-John Beaumont tells the tale of A Remarkable Convert Priest, Resisting the Tudor Terror
-Stephen Brady condemns The Murder of Merrie England
-Brendan King admires The Picture that Painted a Poem, explaining How an Italian Masterpiece Inspired an English Saint
-Trevor Lipscombe elegizes Our Lady’s Dowry
-Susan Treacy muses on William Byrd’s Gradualia
-M. J. Needham praises the Art of Katie Schmid in the full colour art feature
-Kevin O’Brien tackles Modern Persecution and the Catholic Church
-James Bemis checks off Schindler’s List in his ongoing survey of the Vatican’s List of “great films”
-Fr. Benedict Kiely contemplates the meaning of the priesthood
-Donald DeMarco spies A Ray of Hope for the Family in Quebec
-Michael Lichens remembers Stratford Caldecott
-Carol Anne Jones reviews Was Shakespeare Catholic? by Peter Milward
  • Stephanie A. Mann reviews Catholics of the Anglican Patrimony by Aidan Nicholls
-Carol Anne Jones reviews Anne Line: Shakespeare’s Tragic Muse by Martin Dodwell
-Mark Newcomb reviews The One Thomas More by Travis Curtright

I'll post the cover as soon as it is available!

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