Monday, June 17, 2013

Kansas Authors Club Convention in Wichita, Kansas

The Kansas Authors Club website is updated with details about the speakers and events for the annual Convention, held this year in Wichita from October 4 to 6 at the Holiday Inn, Wichita East, and hosted by District 5 (to which I belong). I bring this to your attention because I am a speaker at this event. Here's my bio and description of my presentation:

Stephanie A. Mann, author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation, earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English Language and Literature from Wichita State University. She has taught English and History classes at W.S.U. and Newman University, as well as ministry and spirituality-based courses at various religious venues. Working on a second book about the stories of the English Catholic Martyrs, Stephanie has also written articles for online and print publications, and blogs at

Stephanie will describe strategies she has developed and techniques she employs to promote her non-fiction, historical work to a niche audience of readers interested in the history of religion in England. With humility and humor, Stephanie outlines her successes and failures, offering insights and lessons learned by using the acronym F.E.A.T.: F = Finding a Publisher and an Audience (research and success); E = Establishing a Platform (broadcast, print, and on-line social media); A = Addressing Challenges and Opportunities (current events and limitations); T = Tracking down Contacts and Customers (networking and working).

“Marketing a Non-Fiction Book to a Niche Audience: It’s Quite a F.E.A.T.”

The Convention Planners have included a wide range of topics on the schedule: fiction, memoir, historical fiction, filmmaking, poetry, etc. Here's the flyer and registration information in case you're local and you're interested.

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