Friday, January 25, 2013

Edmund Campion Born in 1540

St. Edmund Campion was born on January 25, 1540. Perhaps there is no better way to celebrate his birth than to recall his entry into glory on December 1, 1581, when he was drawn, hung and quartered at Tyburn in London. This video introducing a beautiful Missal and Hymnal from Corpus Christi Watershed features William Byrd's setting of St. Henry Walpole's poem on the martyr's death:

Why do I use my paper, ink and pen,
And call my wits to counsel what to say?
Such memories were made for mortal men;
I speak of Saints whose names cannot decay.
An Angel's trump were fitter for to sound
Their glorious death if such on earth were found

That store of such were once on earth pursued,
The histories of ancient times record,
Whose constancy great tyrants' rage subdued
Through patient death, professing Christ the Lord:
As his Apostles perfect witness bare,
With many more that blessed Martyrs were.

Whose patience rare and most courageous mind,
With fame renowned perpetual shall endure,
By whose examples we may rightly find,
Of holy life and death a pattern pure.
That we therefore their virtues may embrase
Pray we to Christ to guide us with his grace.

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