Friday, May 21, 2010

Catholic Truth Society and Ignatius Press Collaborate

Last summer, during my week in the Oxford Experience, studying the Oxford Movement while staying in undergraduate lodgings at Christ Church, our class took a tour of Oxford Movement sites. We stopped in St. Aloysius, the Oxford Oratory after walking by the Martyr's Memorial, Blackfriars, and the Eagle and Child, on our way to Keble College.
The Oratory had a fantastic display of Catholic Truth Society (CTS) booklets and I bought several on a return visit. Here at home, I navigate to their website often to see the new releases and have placed a couple of orders.
Word comes now that Ignatius Press and CTS have launched a program to make some of those booklets more readily available in the USA, with Ignatius Press distributing a selection of them for parishes and retailers.
That's good news, even though it appears they may not offer some of the English heritage focused biographies and studies I'm most interested in.

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